ISDN2e – is suitable for offices with 2 – 8 users. ISDN2 allows you to do two things per line, meaning that you can use one line for data and another for calls. Typical uses are small PBX’s that have 2 to 8 channels (lines). The main benefit over Multiple Analogue Lines is the support of Direct Dial Inward (DDI) numbers allowing for calls to be delivered straight to the desk top, thereby allowing callers to be routed directly to individuals and departments within an organisation.

ISDN30e - is suitable for larger businesses, ISDN30e can carry 8-30 lines. You can combine your lines to get higher bandwidth and also link multiple offices. Typical users are larger PBX’s that require 8 to 30 channels (lines). The benefits are similar to the ISDN2.

With ISDN, you will enjoy:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Fast, accurate data transfer
  • Simultaneously transmit voice, video, data and other network services
  • Allows you to mulitask
  • Allows implementation of direct dialling numbers/extensions (DDIs)


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