The right infrastructure will support it all: PCs, phones and other devices.

It's the 'glue' that links everything together - from voice and data to multimedia and network services such as ISDN, ADSL, WAN, and LAN.


Benefits to using structured cabling are:

It’s future proof

It has the ability to carry high bandwith which means you are investing in a solutions that you will be able to support emerging solutions such as IP Telephony/Hosted Voice.  You’re safe in the knowledge that your cabling infrastructure won’t become outdated in a couple of years.

You also need a solution that is able to grow with your future business needs and has the ability to support emerging bandwidth hungry applications.

It’s flexible

It replaces multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure, with the ability to carry data in any format, from voice right through to video.  Whether you want to connect a PC, telephone or fax, you simply plug in the appropriate adapter to the socket.

It’s an investment

It makes sense to invest in a single cabling infrastructure.  Not only is it more cost effective than investing in two discreet cabling networks, it is generally much easier to manage.  Poor network cabling installation can result in crippled network performance, heightened maintenance and undue financial expenditure trying to fix the issues it causes.

Is it for you?

It’s highly likely that you need, or already have a selection of PCs, telephones and other devices within your building – all supported by different wiring infrastructures.  The opportunity here is to invest in a single cabling infrastructure that is so flexible, you can make simple moves and changes without the need for time consuming and inconvenient engineer visits.

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