Communication breakdowns cost money and no successful business can afford extended downtime with the potential loss of customers and clients. The Prime Connect team of engineers are experts in their field across a wide range of Telephone Systems and Services.  Not only do our engineers provide great service from installation through to fault resolution but our customers also receive a courtesy follow up call after each visit, to ensure service excellence is delivered consistently. Our fleet of nationwide expert engineers offers 24/7 support 365 days a year. With technical staff based around the UK, we are never more than 120 minutes away in case of telephone system emergencies.  Using the latest remote diagnostics, we are able to handle most client challenges in a matter of minutes. At Prime Connect we aim to provide efficient and affordable business telephony solutions across the UK from telecoms installations to systems upgrades to telephone system maintenance. Size doesn’t matter at Prime Connect – whether you are a small business requiring a two handset system or a larger business requiring 100 handsets, we can help with all your system installations and maintenance needs.


  • Special call packages tailored to your calling patterns
  • Personalised customer service from our teams in the UK
  • 24 hour fault reporting service from our teams in the UK

Prime Connect, keeping your business talking

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