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The Client

A very busy travel agency based in Central London.

The Challenge

The travel agency was running from the same phone system as a property company. When calling their clients it showed the outgoing number from the property company causing clients to call them back and not reaching the travel agent. This was causing the property company getting phone calls not intended for them and the travel agency not getting their calls through. In addition, they were not able to make their own changes on the system and the music on hold was playing music not appropriate for their business.

The Solution

Prime Connect suggested the Horizon system and deployed new handsets with the required cabling. All this was done with no disruption to the business at all. Their main number, which belonged to the main ISDN30 circuit of the property company, was successfully ported onto Horizon. Again, no downtime was experienced due to the accurate and thorough planning by Prime Connect.

The Result

The travel agency has acquired their own phone system with a small capital outlay. They can now play their own marketing messages and all have their own direct dial in number. Voicemails are sent to email and callers now get through to the correct destination. Changes are easy to make remotely from the Horizon portal saving them on engineer visits.


“Chaim was referred to me by a good friend and I am so pleased we chose Prime Connect. Chaim updated us at each stage of the installation and ensured we had no downtime and kept our phone number. Our customers are now getting through to us and we are no longer missing important calls.”

About Us

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