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Prime Connect helps dental practice’s patients smile

The Client

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The Challenge

The practice is very popular with its patients and is extremely busy throughout the week. Patients were complaining that, on frequent occasions, when calling for appointments they received busy tone and did not have the opportunity to leave a message or receive a call back. Patients felt frustrated at not being able to contact anyone. Additionally, the incumbent system was fairly old and becoming unreliable with noisy and dropped calls. Maintenance costs were rising and spare parts were difficult to source. The cabling infrastructure was untidy and faulty in places.

The Solution

Prime Connect carried out a detailed consultation and, working with the customer’s needs and budget, proposed, installed and commissioned an Avaya IP PBX and new cabling Infrastructure. Digital Lines replaced the analogue lines previously in use, providing crystal clear communications.

The Result

The practice now provides a patient friendly service which allows callers to be directed to a single answering point and should that be unavailable during busy periods, allow them to leave a message and request a call back.


“We chose Prime Connect for their competitiveness, knowledge and understanding of our needs as well as their excellent service and responsiveness.”
H Sidelsky, Harris Sidelsky, Leaders in implants & cosmetic dentistry,

About Us

Prime Connect is a provider of a full range of telecommunication solutions to all size businesses in the UK. With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry

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