As a result, this type of broadband is better suited to a business who rely on downloads but have little requirement for uploads. Speeds can reach up to 2 mbps generally with a maximum download of 24MBPS and an upload of up to 1.3MBPS.

This is the traditional broadband found across the UK in most small businesses and homes and is accessible to more than 99% of the population.



  • Up to 24Mb with unlimited downloads depending on the time of day
  • Business grade service
  • Low cost pre-configured wireless router (if required)
  • 24/7 free technical support from our teams in the UK

Things you should know:

  • Pricing quoted excludes VAT
  • Customers must sign a 12 month contract. If the contract is terminated within the minimum term, charges may apply as stated in our standard terms and conditions and on your order form.
  • The speed of your broadband will depend on how close your premises are to the exchange as well as the type of wiring you use.
  • Free connection offer applies to customers transferring an existing BT or Openreach network line
  • Unless otherwise stated, routers charged separately
  • All customers must pay via monthly direct debit

The question is which is the best option for you?

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